Spring Is In The Poet
J. Gary Sill
Ambient, Jazz
Solo Grand Piano
2001, 59' 44"
Album Notes & Reviews
from New Age Magazine, 2001
These are exquisite improvisations, drawn from the pianist's skills as a composer and lifetime performer. Over years of sharing his improvisational recordings he has magnetized listeners with the mystical nature of his music. Spring is in the Poet draws upon the rich textures of the natural world to create an emotional landscape: one with stillness in rhythms, one with activity and ambience.
These eastern and western influence tracks range from rage-like meditations to folk dance to jazz solos, bringing us to our own mystical place in the unfolding story.
Broadcaster Reviews
"Sill has been playing piano in a wonderfully evocative style for years. I, for one am overjoyed that he has done this project so that a wider audience can have the pure pleasure and enjoyment of his inspired music."
Tony Dillon-Davies
CKUA Radio
Edmonton, Canada
“The undistorted reality of harmony together with the harmony of the human soul. ...staggering moments”.
Alexei Krupsky
Visionary Voyager
107.1FM Radio
Minsk, Republic of Belarus
“Congratulations on a really good piano album”.
Meishel Menachekanian
Galactic Voyager, KCSN
“The listeners are just eating up your music--they absolutely love it”!
Angie Smith
KSUU, Cedar City, Utah
"...stunning music"
Sergiu Rusu
Radio Arad, Italy
"Gary Sill's musical composition is truly masterful"
Joseph Gell
“Airplaying "Spring Is In The Poet" was a pleasure”.
Michel Nacké
Les Douces Heures
CHGA, Maniwaki, Quebec
from New Age Magazine, 2001
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Press Release: April 1, 2001

“Spring Is In The Poet” is a recording of acoustic grand piano “improvised compositions” written and performed by Gary Sill. The music is sympathetic to both eastern and western styles and sounds. Yet the variety of style and convention only serves to usher the listener into a singular world of half dreams and rhythmic structures that seem deeply familiar even though Sill’s unmistakable keyboard style is fresh and energetic.

This music finds stillness in rhythm; activity in ambiance. The impression of timeless is immediate. Sill’s lifelong musical experience and love of the piano produce, without effort, an emotional landscape, within which each of the 11 improvised compositions seem to be unfolding a story: an explanation of our own inner experiences and shared aspirations.
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