Healing Moon
J. Gary Sill
Ambient Pop & Jazz
Solo Grand Piano
2000, 51’ 10”
Album Notes & Reviews
Gary Sill's work evokes the spiritual qualities in the elements surrounding him. The heart of this music is piano improvisation, drawn from the artist's skills as a lifetime performer and as a composer for film, theatre and video.

Over years of producing his improvisational recordings and study within the Sufi tradition, he has come to understand how the mystical aspects of his music magnetize listeners.

His compositions express the rich textures of the natural world to create an emotional landscape: one with stillness in rhythms and activity in ambience.
The Sufi master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, spoke of life in all its aspects as '…one single music; and the real spiritual attainment is to attune oneself to the harmony of this perfect music'. Sill's music creates a way to invoke this shared aspiration of humans - that we might meet for a time in such a setting.
"That inner part (of life) is also sound, that inner part is light; and when one realizes this one knows that language which is the language of heaven…"

The Mysticism of Sound

Healing Moon Notes
In the summer of 2000 my wife, photographer Carole Harmon and I, were living and working in the mountain resort town of Banff, Canada. One very clear night we thought a full moon meditation combined with a photo shoot would be possible and drove out to the Vermillion Lakes just west of Banff. We arrived about an hour before the moon would appear over Sulpher Mountain to the south and while quietly waiting for this luminous event, I became aware of the healing atmosphere of the time and place.

The experience made a deep impression on me, and when we returned home in the early hours of morning, I recorded the improvisation that became this CD, Healing Moon, Piano Music for an Illuminated Sky. There were no second takes and no editing. The recording seemed to have it's own, unalterable existence.

Tech Notes

The piano I played was my personal piano, a 1979 Sohmer Model 57 and the music was recorded digitally using a matched pair of AKG C 480 B condensor mics in my Banff recording studio.
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Sohmer Grand | the recording of Healing Moon
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