"Migration" Bob Day & Gary Sill

"Migration" Bob Day & Gary Sill

Instrumental Ambient Jazz | 5’ 12”
Migration is a music video featuring a single track from the ambient-jazz CD, "Stonehenge Is Burning".

Here's what artist, musician and vocalist Wilf Kozub has to say about the music:

I have been really enjoying your album. I've listened to it a number of times in the air and through headphones. Tonight I was listening, again, while I was painting . . . it's actually quite a perfect album for late night visual art. It's relaxing, yet has lots of quiet interest points.

...I really like the atmospheres you've created. The trumpet sound reminds me a bit of Miles Davis . . . not that I have heard a lot of Miles, but I have listened to Sketches of Spain and another, I think, Marcus Miller album titled Siesta with Miles Davis . . . and it leaves me with a similar impression.
It's a good impression. I really love the quietness with occasional bits of activity, the sounds (the train with the robin singing is just wonderful . . . it really takes me to early morning mountains . . . it's sound with a sense of quiet, very lovely). Musically speaking, it all fits very subtlety and alluringly. Your own piano thoughts are articulate and caressing. Again, I love the other sounds and rhythms, too.

. . . I wouldn't call this a 'new age' album, although there is a certain accessibility owing to the un-cluttered and possibly un-dissonant nature. Not to say that it isn't 'oblique' at times . . . but it's still accessible and it connects. . . . it seems to me that what you are doing with Bob is in a similar territory - serious, inventive music.

September 23, 2008, Edmonton, Canada

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