Stonehenge Is Burning
J. Gary Sill and Bob Day
Ambient Jazz
Nature Sounds
Grand Piano, Flugelhorn,
2007, 42' 27"
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About the Album
This music from pianist Gary Sill and Flugelhorn virtuoso Bob Day presents the very best of 'environmental' and 'landscape' jazz composition and performance. Beautifully evocative and brilliantly played.
Recorded in, and using environmental sounds and sources from the mountain resort town of Banff, Canada, Stonehenge Is Burning is a completely unique presentation of virtuosity and innovative orchestration
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J. Gary Sill and Bob Day
Review: Wilf Kozub
Wilfred N and the Grown Men

I have been really enjoying your album. I've listened to it a number of times in the air and through headphones. Tonight I was listening, again, while I was painting . . . it's actually quite a perfect album for late night visual art. It's relaxing, yet has lots of quiet interest points.

In general, I really like the atmospheres you've created. The trumpet sound reminds me a bit of Miles Davis . . . not that I have heard a lot of Miles, but I have listened to Sketches of Spain and another, I think, Marcus Miller album titled Siesta with Miles Davis . . . and it leaves me with a similar impression. It's a good impression.
I really love the quietness with occasional bits of activity, the sounds (the train with the robin singing is just wonderful . . . it really takes me to early morning mountains . . . it's sound with a sense of quiet, very lovely). Musically speaking, it all fits very subtlely and alluringly. Your own piano thoughts are articulate and caressing.

Again, I love the other sounds and rhythms, too . . . it's really fine!


Endorsement: Cindy Macleod
"I am still vibrating after hearing your new recording.  It is stunningly beautiful.  Be enormously proud, this is a very important piece of work."

Canadian Jazz Vocalist
Cindy McLeod
Calgary, Alberta
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