Closer To The Shore
J. Gary Sill
Ambient Pop & Jazz
Solo Grand Piano
1982, 58' 00"

“Closer To The Shore”
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back in the day...
Closer To The Shore, is a solo improvised piano recording I performed June 25, 1982 at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta. The piano was a Yamaha concert grand in the engineer was my good friend Doug Maynard who made the recording on a Nagra real to reel tape recorder. Unfortunately, the original reels are lost and this is a reproduction of playback from a cassette.

Listening to the playing after so many years, I had an appreciation of “young hands” with loads of technique and excitement as new ideas and challenges popped up.
J. Gary Sill, Vancouver, 2014
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This original insert was designed by Carol Sill. The graphics are from an old magazine and the text was typed on an IBM Selectric typewriter and photocopied. The result was cut up and hand stuffed into cassette boxes.
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Uh-huh, that's the cassette
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