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    The music video from the 2016 Christmas solo piano concert

    The music video from the
    2016 Christmas solo piano concert

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  • The J. Gary Sill Radio Playlist | More Than 20 Hours of Engaging Music on Infinite Shuffle

    J. Gary Sill Radio is your round-the-clock global radio station, featuring my recorded performances and compositions. There are over 300 tracks in my recorded library and they are constantly shuffled to give a fresh listening experience. I continue to create new titles which are quickly added to the master playlist. There is always something interesting to hear and enjoy: this is radio that can accompany you day and night.

    Very much an "art" project, my internet radio station aspires to provide an authentic listening experience by presenting new music that satisfies mind and heart.

    Thanks for listening.

    J. Gary Sill

    J. Gary Sill Concerts

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    Several times a year I perform a live concert in Vancouver, and less often, in other cities. Dial up the “Live” menu item above for details.
  • About
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    J. Gary Sill

    In The Beginning…
    It is safe to say that most people, who know my work at all, will know about my solo piano playing, especially the more "inner" performances. But I also have a body of electro/acoustic compositions, which although I never intended to keep them secret, still remain, shall we say "undiscovered". While I hope that the atmosphere of my piano improvisations is present in these recordings, I think you will find that the variety of aural landscapes and changing rhythms also serves to enhance the enjoyment.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Performer • Composer • Arranger • Teacher • Producer

    Jelaluddin Gary Sill presently lives on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver. He has taught piano and keyboards, analog and electronic composition, written extensively for film, television and the theatre and has performed across Canada. Gary is highly accomplished in jazz and pop idioms, but he is best known for his extraordinary improvisational skills. In the past twenty years, he has released numerous recordings of improvised and composed music.
    Biography and Education
    Canadian pianist and composer J. Gary Sill was born to a band leader father and journalist mother in the small town of Fort Macleod, Alberta, on September 28, 1944. He has been a musician, composer and teacher in Banff, Calgary and Edmonton and now lives with his wife Carole Harmon in the Canadian west coast town of Vancouver, British Columbia where he records and produces music in his own custom designed studio.

    Through the Banff Centre For The Arts, Gary has worked or studied with:
    • Steve Reich, John Cage, R. Murray Schaffer, Oscar Peterson, Carl Berger, Ursula Oppens, and other influential contemporary composers.
    • Stephen Temmer, (audio engineering) and Gene Youngblood, (future of electronic media).

    Music Studies at The University of Calgary:
    • Composition with Luigi Zaninelli and Piano with Gloria Saarinen.
    • Electronic Music with Dr. Stan Finn
    • Film History with Miroslav Malik (Czeck pioneer of holography in art).

    Private study included music theory with Gordon Delamont, Native Indian Culture with Abe Burnstick and Improvisational Acting with Keith Johnstone (University of Alberta).

    Instructor at Grant McEwan College (Jazz Program):
    • piano, ensemble performance, music theory, sight singing and ear training, vocal accompaniment.

    Gary is engaged in ongoing studies with French composer, Hidayat Inayat-Khan, son of the the Sufi mystic and musician, Hazrat Inayat-Khan.
    Released Piano and Orchestrated CDs:
    "Night Vision" (2010), "Golden Highway" (2008), "Stonehenge Is Burning" (2007), “Restless Hearts” (2002), “Spring Is In The Poet” (2001), “Healing Moon” (2000)

    Produced for PacificLine, Vancouver,
    Music for Relaxation Series:
    "Pachelbel’s Canon in D", "Bach", "Beethoven", "Fauré & Saint-Saëns", "Albinoni & Hayden", "Satie, variations on 3 Gymnopédies".

    Produced for Sound of Light, The Hague, Netherlands
    Sufi Music and Instructional Recordings:

    Sill counts as important influences Sufi teachers and guides, including Shamcher Bryn Beorse and the French Sufi composer Hidayat Inayat-Khan whose forty year friendship has deepened and directed his understanding and practice of music.

    Since 1985 Gary has been assisting Hidayat Inayat-Khan as a performer, producer, and engineer of both formal music projects and compositions to accompany Sufi spiritual practices. He has assisted in the distribution of these projects and with his wife Fazalunissa Carole Harmon, was the organizer, in 2007, of the Mysticism of Sound Conference and Concert Series (MOSC) and it’s Communications and Music Director.

    Jelaluddin Gary Sill On Being Sufi (interview, 2007)
    Much has been said and written in response to the question "What's a Sufi" however, this is not really the place to go into that. I think it's best just to say that this is one of many mystical spiritual paths and I have involved myself in it as an aid to my lifelong inquiry into the deeper aspects of music.

    With this in mind, I cannot express sufficient appreciation and gratitude to my friend and teacher, Hidayat Inayat-Khan, who in addition to being a living musical treasure for Western formal music, is also a Murshid, or Sufi teacher.

    We musicians are all knowingly or unknowingly pursuing a way to express something deeper in our music. All of which has led me to an understanding that music really is the mystery that imagines us.
    Composing, Producing and Arranging
    Some Music Production Highlights

    • Film Score for a National Film Board documentary on CBC Radio as well as "Minister of Everything", a documentary dealing with the life of the influential Canadian politician, C. D. Howe, Both directed by Robert Duncan.
    • Produced, performed, and arranged CD recordings for Vancouver singers Maria Miceli, Pam Henry and Jerry DesVoignes
    • Co-wrote "The Inner Call" a Music Theatre production with William Pasnak. The work was performed in the spring of 1992.
    • Composer for the stage adaptation of Jan Truss’ “Jasmine”.
    • Composer for One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company and for Theatre Calgary.
    • Music director for “Jacques Brel Cabaret” (Jasper Players Theatre).
  • Find & Buy
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    CD Ordering

    With the exception of “Closer To The Shore” (which is a special order), these CDs are easily available from the good people at CD Baby.
    Clicking the “Info” button will take you to a description of the album.

    Click the “order” button to buy immediately or to listen to 30” samples.
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    Bob Day and Gary Sill

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    piano music for an
    illuminated sky

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    acoustic piano solos

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    This CD can be ordered directly.

    piano music by Gary Sill

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    12 compositions for solo piano

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    J. Gary Sill Live

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    acoustic piano solos

  • Media
    Occasionally I create a video to help communicate my music and this page serves to collect those productions. Reversing the usual roles in media, here video is serving music.

    Click a video thumbnail to play.

    christmas 2016 invitation video

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    recorded: 2015.04.11

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    recorded: 2016.02.06

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    recorded: 2016.04.09

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    recorded: 2013.02.16

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    recorded: 2016.02.06

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    recorded 2009.09.15

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    Gary | personal
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    MOSC rehearsal 2007

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    a jazz gig

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    MOSC concert 2007

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    my father’s big band. 1945

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    MOSC rehearsal 2007

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    Western Canada High School
    theatre audio

    with Hidayat & Aziza, MOSC, 2007

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    in Banff, 2004

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    with “Smokey”, 1960

    Red Monkey | Trio
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    Sohmer Grand | Tools
    Wayboard Band Reunion 2008
  • Sufism is a mystical path that might be thought of as an organized inquiry into the deeper aspects of life. It is no exaggeration to say that for the Sufis who make this inquiry, music is essential for spiritual development. Hidayat Inayat-Khan, who in addition to being a living musical treasure for Western formal music, is also a Murshid or Sufi teacher, has composed numerous musical settings of Sufi practices. For more than twenty years I have had the privilege of performing and/or producing the recordings of this body of work with Hidayat which appears below.

    Jelaluddin Gary Sill

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    with Aziza and Hidayat Inayat-Khan

    Purchase the CD or preview the music below
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    The “Cherag’s Procession” is a composition by Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan that is often used as a start to the Universal Worship ceremony. It is available here for free.
    1. Cherag's Procession

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  • Feature
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    Atlas Electronica is a collection of music created in the computer that creates a wide variety of atmospheric moods and emotions. Cinematic in conception and exploratory in it’s realization, Atlas Electronic is an unspoken narrative of the mind seeking the heart.
  • Click on the image
    to find out what the
    Red Monkey Trio
    is up to!

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    No Date Yet For Next Concert
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    the concerts are performed at the

    Swamp House Studio

    Vancouver, Canada

    $5 suggested donation to help with food and drink costs


    I would love to invite you to my next performance. Please fill in and send the form below and I will let you know the details.
    Very much appreciated!
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    Performance Inquiries

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    Only concert events will be considered. Venues are usually home concerts but larger is possible.

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